Welcome To My World…

Here’s a map of what’s what.

This is my home base, where I post my philosophical musings and the occasional story

Pelion’s Legacy is where my longest work resides.  It’s currently on hiatus, but fairly self-contained.

So relax, make yourself comfortable, and have a cuddle on the couch. *grin*


STORY: A Winter’s Tale

Just a little something for the season.

A Winter’s Tale

I’m ba-ack…

I know it has been a while, and I’m not actually sure who is still reading this, but after a frighteningly long bout of depression and self-reflection, I feel like it’s time for Nate Mentor to rise from the ashes, like a somewhat grouchy phœnix.  And I come bearing a gift… a brief seasonal vignette that I wrote for a private board.    See the next post.


STORY: An Unexpected Break

Just something I’ve been working on for a few days.  Parts of it were cannibalized from other abandoned projects, but as a whole, I rather like it.  It’s very cathartic. 🙂

An Unexpected Break

STORY: The Tiger’s Boy

Truth? Legend? Who can say?

The Tiger’s Boy

STORY: Embracing The Void

I wasn’t planning on posting this.
I wrote most of this before the holidays as a form of therapy.  And while it didn’t work all that well in that role, the fault was not in the story, but in myself.  The tale holds up (after a little tweaking), and I think it’s one of my better works.  Hope you like it.

Embracing The Void